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15 May 16:00 - 18:00Openlab

Get lucky!
You are invited to the second ‘Share, Mingle and Inspire’ meetup!

Openlab is launching a new meetup format that extends your network and brings new insights to tackle your challenges in the sector/branch you are operating in. We do this by asking you to present your challenge, failure or success to an audience of likeminded people. Inspire each other by sharing!

Presentation format - ‘Five by five’

Every presenter will get five minutes and five slides to share their story. As we are many that will attend to hear your thoughts we have a limit of five presentations per meetup. Each ‘Share, Mingle and Inspire’ will have a topic that attracts people with a certain passion or curiosity. 

Topic - Access to your Future!

Our topic will be ‘Access to your Future!’. We believe that everyone should be able to become the best version of themselves and to create their own future. Technology and access to it are crucial for this. Technology connects everything, including innovation, education, people, healthcare, transport and urban living. Giving people access to technology will help them to shape their own future and is a way to innovate for a better society.

In this ‘Share, Mingle and Inspire’ you will meet 5 inspiring initiatives who strongly believe in the  power of technology. You can expect stories about makerspaces, education, software and innovation.

Open Innovation

‘Share, Mingle and Inspire’ is centred around open innovation and will give guidelines how to share. Openlab is in favour of open innovation because we believe business and innovation are going in that direction and that we are also forced by societal and technological change to do so. 

So, why not start with attending ‘Share Mingle and Inspire’ and be part of the movement. You will get surprised how many people will support and share their experience with you and how it will profit your own goals.

Get lucky! 

'Luck is where opportunity meets preparation.' Seneca

Every meetup will also have a lottery where you can win nice prices. As (quote of someone successful person): ‘Becoming successful you need also a bit of luck!’

Join us here! 

Please send an email to if you want to be one of the presenters and share your story about Access to your Future!


Share, Mingle & Inspire!

All you need to know

The event takes places at Openlab. We meet in "the Room" on the third floor at the office of Openlab. We start with 5 small presentations, after which there will be plenty of time for a mingle with all the participants.

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Åke Nygren

Data Detox Kit

In this presentation Åke will expose opportunities and challenges that the Digital Library is facing in its ambition to iterate new integrity enhancing services in collaboration with NGO's, entrepreneurs and civil society. This will be exemplified by the "Data Detox Kit", a concept for digital empowerment currently being developed by the Tactical Tech Collective, with support from Mozilla.

Åke is project Leader at the Digital Library Dept, Stockholm Public Library. Main areas: digital empowerment, creativity, integrity and inclusion. Independent consultant at Sakin Media. Unboxing digital literacies at Mozilla rep. Dreaming of an open web empowered by free librarians building trust, knowledge & democracy.

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Sarah Andersson

My Dream Now

My Dream Now offers a class coach program where volunteers from the working life come to schools in areas with high potential to inspire pupils to reach their dreams. The pupils also get to go on study visits to different work places where they meet co workers with different occupations.

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Thomas Ochman

Craft Academy

Thomas is the founder of Craft Academy, Sweden’s first intensive web development training program. He spends most of his days talking about software craftsmanship and coaching Craft Academy students on how to build applications, work as collaborators on a team, interact with non-technical clients and communicate effectively. As part of his commitment to society, Thomas devotes a significant amount of time to open source software development and charity projects. Additionally, he strives to improve the gender ratio in technology by offering a scholarship for women at Craft Academy.

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Lotte Johansson

Conversation & Strategy for youth health

In relationship-creating conversations and activities, young people practice individual and in groups a strategy they can use on a daily basis to manage everything from stress and screen dependence to physical inactivity and aggression. All from the perspective of young people's everyday lives and actual needs

Developed by young, committed school staff and one of Sweden's leading expert in the mental health of young people. Validated, license-free and linked to evaluation, Lotte now works to scale up this interactive method for easy implementation in regular operation - education and training. What are the challenges and how can we help as many young people as possible to gain access to the strategy?

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Erik Kruse

Ericsson - The Networked Society

Erik Kruse is Networked Society Evangelist at Ericsson, an expert in future consumer demands, industry and societal dynamics, and forecasting ICT evolutionary trends. He spends his time on company strategies and conducting research into future trends and requirements. He does strategic advice and consulting to customers in the area of IoT, industry verticals, digital transformation and digital strategies for different enterprises.

Erik has PhD- courses in Business administration at Stockholm School of economics and Stockholm School of Business and a B.A., Business Administration and Social Sciences at University of Uppsala.

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